2019 Build - Day 2: The Field! It must be built!

Thanks to some forward thinking by our mentors (sometimes hard to come by, hah), we had stocked up on all the lumber we needed in the weeks preceding kickoff/build season. It also helped that FIRST kindly provided a shopping list of stuff to get. Phew!

Majority of the time on day 2 was spent on measuring, cutting and assembling field elements. We’ve definitely gotten a lot quicker at measuring and cutting out the different pieces (the addition of a wicked table saw helped too).

By the end of the day, we had the rocket and one of the side pods fully assembled. More to come soon!


The 2019 FRC Season is Here!


Well, the season showed up rather quickly! It felt like just last week that we were competing in FIRST Power Up, and now, FIRST Destination: Deep Space is upon us!

The team attended kickoff at Long Island University in Brooklyn, a quick 10 minute walk from the school. Once kickoff was over, the brainstorming began. This year’s game seems really simple on the surface, but could be open to some incredibly strategic plays. We’ll see what our collective brains can come up with!

We’ll try to keep a running blog of what we’ve been up to during build season, and we’re incredibly excited to head into DEEP SPACE!

Off Season Learning with Friends!

We were incredibly lucky this past weekend to have Mike and Nelly (354 Alumni) and some of our friends from Team 333 - The Megalodons over at our shop to teach some of our newer members building and manufacturing skills.

The session was incredibly useful, and we learned a lot! Now we have more tools at our disposal going into next build season, all in the name of building a better robot (and better friendships)! 

More build sessions to come!



Hello World!

Oh, hello! Welcome to our new pirate hideout! We've moved around a bit, but we think we've finally found a little slice of cyberspace that we quite enjoy. We're excited to be sharing the latest about the G-House Pirates, right here on this site! 

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Stay tuned to this space for more updates!