2018 Robot (Unnamed)

Our entry for the 2018 FRC season was purpose built to play FIRST Power-Up. We built an innovative shooter robot that could handle the rigors of competition, and score highly by delivering power cubes into the exchange, as well as shooting them high onto the scale.


Shooter Mechanism

  • Pneumatically actuated shooter mechanism

    • Able to lower for depositing into the switch

    • Raises for shooting into the scale

  • 2 pairs of accelerator wheels + 1 pair of exit wheels

    • Exit wheels spin up to speed first before accelerator wheels launch power cube

  • 4” compliant wheels for shooter

  • Proximity sensor for detecting presence of power cube


Intake Mechanism

  • Opening in front of robot to allow power cube to pass through

  • Articulating arms extend for intake and retract for movement

  • Intakes power cube directly into shooter


Control System

  • Custom button box to control robot functionality

  • Ability to adjust shooter speed to account for varying scale heights



Our robot won the following awards:

  • Creativity Award (Hudson Valley Regional)

  • Innovation in Control Award (NYC Regional)