2019 Build - Day ???: Introducing Ms Calculated

Heh, this year, we had a grand plan to document our build day-by-day. That kinda worked… sort of.

Anyway, after a couple of weeks of mad scrambling, we have a robot! Introducing Ms Calculated, our robot for the 2019 season! So named to honor the awesome women in STEM who’ve paved the way. Also named for the huge number of miscalculations that went into this year’s build…

Ignore the upside down bumper. It’s not production ready… or is it?

Ignore the upside down bumper. It’s not production ready… or is it?

Some key details of Ms Calculated


  • 6 wheel tank drive powered by a 2 speed, 2 CIM shifting gearbox

  • Mounted on an AM14U4 frame

  • Top speed of 16.5 ft/s (really don’t need any more than this since we’re only doing half field work)


  • 2 stage cascade rigged elevator

  • Constant force springs to assist in lifting

  • ~3s to get to max height

  • Driven off 2x 775pro motors into a VersaDM 3.75:1 combinator, followed by a 25:1 (2x 5:1) VP gearbox


  • Integrated HATCH and CARGO mechanism

  • Able to intake CARGO from the floor or loading station

  • Able to intake HATCHes from the loading station

  • Pneumatically actuated claw mechanism for holding on to HATCHes

  • Claw mechanism moves forward/backward to assist with placing HATCHes on the ROCKET

  • Actuated CARGO intake flips down for ground intake, and up for storage/loading station intake

  • #novelcro

Sensors and Automation

  • Limelight camera for vision tracking

  • Pixy 2 camera for high precision line tracking

  • Fisheye camera for driver feedback

  • AutoDock procedure which uses feedback from CV cameras to find, plan and drive to the loading station/cargo ship/rocket

We unfortunately do not currently have a climbing mechanism (too much time prototyping, and too little time actually building stuff), but we do have a potential HAB2 climber that we’re testing out on our practice bot (that’s right, we built TWO robots this year) and if that goes well, it’ll go on the competition bot (at competition, of course).

Also, since we have a practice bot, we’ll be using the next few weeks leading up to the Hudson Valley Regional for driver practice, and to perfect the autodocking routines. The goal is to be able to have the driver bring the robot 85% of the way to the target and let the computers take over. Fingers crossed that this works!

We’ll have more photos/videos uploaded soon, once we regain consciousness from bag day!

Look at us all not sleep deprived and loopy

Look at us all not sleep deprived and loopy