New York City Regional 2019 - The Recap

New York City Regional 2019 - The Recap

The New York City Regional has a very special place in our hearts. It’s our hometown tournament, and it’s where all our friends are. There’s nothing better than having 3 days of robot action with the friends we’ve made throughout the years. From the years at the Javits Center to the current location at the Armory Track, the NYC Regional has always brought forth fun times, amazing robots, and an opportunity to mingle with international teams.

2019 Build - Day 24: In which the machines take over (docking)

We’re still chugging away at getting the prototype climber built. Initial testing showed promise, but the geometry needs to be tweaked a little. The elevator and intake team has also finished mounting the elevator on our test chassis and will be installing the intake in the coming days. Once that’s done and tested, we’re going to prep material for manufacture. This year, we’re going to be a little more organized and prepare a “cut-list” of pieces so that multiple people can work on fabrication.

2019 Build - Days 8 - 20: More Prototyping

This season, we’ve been dedicating a lot more time to prototyping and CAD-ing different mechanisms, and making said prototypes out of wood/PVC pipe. This has given us a tremendous improvement in figuring out critical dimensions, and a way to visualize how stuff fits together. We’ve spent the last 2 weeks refining different methods for grabbing and controlling the game pieces, and are pretty close to having a final design done!